Part 3: 3rd June 2015 – 6th June 2015 Bangkok (School Holiday in Thailand)

Today I am going to Bangkok and I can meet my Aunty Diana Foo. I miss her so much!

She is beautiful and gorgeous, I wish when I grow up I could like her, she is very smart.

She always tell me study hard, think big and learn. I love her so much.

From Pattaya to Bangkok its take about 1.30 hours, I am here in Bangkok!


Asiatique The Riverfront

I stay in Aunty Diana’s apartment in Sukumvit soi 11, very convenience and near to BTS Nana.

I took Tuk Tuk from Apartment soi11 to BTS Nana, then transfer to BTS Saphan Taksin, free ferry shutter to Asiatique The Riverfront.

I have my dinner at MK restaurant with family, also we spend our evening in Asiatique.

I even up to the Ferry Wheel, it was so exciting and the view from the top was so nice.

I have a great day in Asiatique, a place you should visit in Bangkok.


Aunty Diana’s Apartment

IMG_0711 IMG_0726 IMG_0738 IMG_0744 IMG_0760 IMG_0772 IMG_0782 IMG_0789


Kidzania Bangkok, Siam Paragon

I know today I am going to Kidzania Bangkok, so I wake up early, dress up myself and have breakfast, get everything done very fast. I am the congreZZ kids in Malaysia so I want to explore Kidzania in others country.

I take BTS from Nana to Siam, then walk to Siam Paragon.

I am here, Kidzania Bangkok! So exciting…

I try everything which Kidzania Kuala Lumpur do not have. The concept almost the same but some of the sponsor company are different from Malaysia. Enjoy so much and I meet some new friends (Kali and Kath), they are from New Zealand. They join me, so I lead them.

1. Veterinary Clinic 2. McD 3. Clock Tower 4. Coca-Cola 5.Secret Agent 6.Beauty Saloon 7. True Vision 8. Meiji Milk 9. Koh Kae 10. 7-11 convenience shop 11. Asia Pilot 12. Police Station 13. Brand’s University 14. Canon

IMG_0816 IMG_0821 IMG_0840 IMG_0857 IMG_0860 IMG_0867 IMG_0869 IMG_0879 IMG_0885 IMG_0895 IMG_0905 IMG_0910 IMG_0924 IMG_0932 IMG_0951 IMG_0956

I have a wonderful day today. I will share the idea with my friends in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur CongreZZ kids.

After dinner, I take my hot shower and sleep.


Safari World Bangkok

I am going to Safari World today and meet all the animal friends. A wonderful place for all kids,

The driver pick us at 8.30 am and reached Safari World about 9.30 am.

These park content 2 park:- 1) Marine Park 2) Safari Park

I was given a map for the show schedule:-

1. 10.20 am Orang Utan (Boxing Show)

2. 11:00 am Sea Lion (Smart Sea Lion performance)

3. 11.40 am Cowboy Stunt (Gun shooting, Horse, Cow Boy)

4. 1.45 pm Dolphin (Smart Dolphin performance)

5. 2.45 pm Spy War (Spy show with Gun, Fire, Speed Motor Car)

6. Safari Park – animals are very freedom is the park, they can walk anyway as they wish without cage.

I also purchase a bird food (B50) and feed the love bird, I was so happy that the bird eat the seed on my hand.

Guess what? I meet a new friend in Safari World, (her name is Chloe) and we spend our journey in Safari World together.

Its worth for the ticket we pay. I enjoyed so much today.

Safari World
Orang Utan Show
Dolphin Show
I meet a new friend and her name is Chloe, see our expression, the cowboy stunt show was so exciting!
Swan and Duck feeding
Cowboy Stunt
Bird Feeding
Dolphin Show
Spy War

IMG_1064 IMG_1072

Safari World – Animals are all freedom to walk anyway as they wish.

IMG_1083 IMG_1092 IMG_1108 IMG_1113


Today I am going back to Kuala Lumpur.

I meet Aunty Diana for lunch for heading to airport.

She invite me to a Japanese Restaurant, The foods were very nice and I eat lots.

I am going to miss my Holiday ….

I have a good time with all the shows, foods, city activities, beach, sun and sand.

I turn dark, and look very sporty! I love my skin color now.

IMG_1151 IMG_1193 IMG_1248

Thank you mummy for such wonderful holiday arrangement for me.

I love you MOM.


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