at Gamuda Walk‏

I love art! I love craft!

When I was 7 year old, I have my 1st clay craft at Jaya One Pop. I still remember I have make an orange crab key chain.

When I was 8 year old, I have my 2nd clay craft at KL Children Festival. I have Pororo clay workshop.

Today, I visit for Gamuda Walk 1st Anniversary Clay Art Contest.

This is my first time in Gamuda Walk, the new mall in Kota Kemuning. There are lots of nice restaurant in mall – Rakuzen; Red Lobster; Caffe bene; Nando’s; Sakae Sushi and more. Also, the Aeon Maxvalu Supermarket. It’s a clean and convenience mall!

I meet up the boss of – Mr Tan and Ms Rose. Both of them are very friendly. They share with me the type of clay; the tools; the sample; and also the packages of the clay art lesson.


I decide to make a 2 layer cake. It’s my first time to do clay decoration for the form cake, and its just like the fondant cake which I used to watch in you tube. Let’s see what I can do for my cake!

My idea is to have a small garden fill up with flower; bugs; caterpillar and swing on my 2 layer cake.

The process of making a clay art is fun and its need a lots of patient.

  1. Knead the clay softly
  2. Roll the clay to cover the foam
  3. Decor the form cake with little lady bird; bees; butterfly; caterpillar; swings; leaf; rose and plant. I use the tools to help me to make a little lady bird. 1st – I knead a red color clay for lady bird body. 2nd – I knead another black color for lady bird head. 3rd – I roll 6 pieces small black dot for the body spot. 4th – I use little red clay for the lady bird’s smiling face. 5th – Last, I add on the decoration for eye and antennae.
  4. Finally it’s done and take me 3 hours to complete the cake decoration.

Among all the bugs, I like lady bird the most because I like lady bird and it is the easiest. The hardest is making a rose because its take a lot of steps.


I am very happy and satisfaction for today clay art contest. I am looking forward for the next clay workshop because I want to make the clay art like Mike (Monster University); Elmo (Sesame Street); Jasmine (Aladdin); Small Mini Japan Bento Set and more.

It’s a good place to learn clay art and also learn to be patient.

Guess what? After 1.5 months, mummy receive a call from that my small garden cake had won the 2nd prize and I am so happy!

The prizes presentation will be on 26.6.2016 (Sunday) 3 pm at at Gamuda Walk.

I reach Gamuda Walk about 2.45 pm, I meet up the person in charge from Gamuda Walk, Mr Tan and Ms Rose from, we have a simple prize presentation ceremony and photo session. Although the ceremony is simple and it is very meaningful to me as I am so surprise that my craft won 2nd prize and I have RM400 cash as reward.

Thank you Gamuda Walk!

Thank you!



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