Child Aid Asia Kuala Lumpur – A World To Imagine 2016 at KLPAC

Next week is my exam week and mummy has cut down all my extra activities, event and workshop. The only event she said allow me to attend is Child Aid Asia Kuala Lumpur.

Mummy :” Joey, this weekend we will stay at home and do exam revision.”

Joey :”Alright, mummy!”

Mummy :”We will attend only a concert by Youth, Child Aid Asia at KLPAC.”

Joey :”What is that mummy?”

Mummy :”It’s a charity musical show by all youth from many countries and they are very talented and mummy would like you to meet them and feel enjoy the music performance.”

Joey :”Okay!”


The concert start about 3.30 pm and the concert program list as below:-

  1. Opening by A World To Imagine – Lyrics by Paul Tan/ Music by Islandar Ismail featuring all Performers ——– The opening is already attractive all the audience!
  2. Orchestra of Filipino Youth, Any MiSyon & Magdalene ——– I enjoy the Orchestra music, althought I Can’t play, I love Violin the most always.
  3. When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground featuring Zoe Hong, Crtisti Madrid & CAA Live Band ——– The song is amazing sang by the vocalist.
  4. The Dancer River Flows In You featuring Michael Anthony ——– This is really touch my heart that he is blind and autistic students, yet he can play so well. He taught me that I am so lucky and I must appreciate everything I have now. Thank you Michael! God Bless you always!
  5. My Own Composition featuring Melvyn Gnai ——– He play fantastic guitar, I like it so much by enjoying his guitar music. I almost want to dance with him too!
  6. Arena Cahaya featuring Melvyn Gnai & Zoe Hong ——– I love this song, I use to hear from radio when “OlaBola” on the screen.
  7. Ju Jua Tai & Qian Li Zhu Wai featuring Chinese Band & CAA Live Band ——– wow, they can Jay Chow’s song, amazing!
  8. Blossom featuring Yumi Chung & CAA Live Band ——– A nice Cantonese song.
  9. Bust Your Windom featuring Cristi Madrid ——– Nice Song
  10. Feel The Light featuring Gabri Panlilio & Caa Live Band ——– Nice Song
  11. Roar featuring Zoe Hong; Yumi Chung; Cristi Madrid; Gabri Panlilio & CAA Live Band ——– This is a great song, I love this song so much and I song together with them too! Roar Roar and Roar!
  12. ABBA Medley featuring Zoe Hong; Yumi Chung; Cristi Madrid; Gabri Panlilio & CAA Live Band ——– I love Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia which I can sing together with them too!
  13. Man In The Mirror featuring all performers ——– oh dear, this is the last part and it’s going to end soon, so sad! 

This is a great musical show that I ever attend. All the youth were so talented and I wish to attend Child Aid Asia Kuala Lumpur 2017.

Give them a round of applause!

Thank you Aunty Katherine Chew for having me in the concert.

Thank you Irene Jie Jie for the arrangement.


more information, please click ChildAidAsia Malaysia



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