Magic School Bus Discovery Set 1 by Scholastic

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.”


Reading help me to gain more knowledge and understanding more out from the school books!

The wonderful Christmas gift I have were the “Magic School Bus Discovery Set 1”. The “Set 1” contain 10 books and attached to 10 CD, in addition to enhancing hearing, I can read and listen to all the books.  The “set 1” contain 10 interesting books as below:-

1: The Truth About Bats
2: The Search For The Missing Bones
3: The Wild Whale Watch
4: Space Explorers
5: Twister Trouble
6: The Giant Germ
7: The Great Shark Escape
8: Penguin Puzzle
9: Dinosaur Detectives
10: Expedition Down Under

Fasten the seat belt Let’s by turning pages to magic school bus for English and natural science reading trip!

While reading the books and I feel I am also one of the students in the Magic School Bus. The “Magic School Bus Discovery Set 1” is a Off-campus teaching, through personal experience and practice, absorb a wide range of natural science knowledge.

Out of 10 books, the one I like the most is 10. “Expedition Down Under”. This book is about the tour to Australia. They had a tour guide named Tiki. They see a lot of wild animals like kangaroos, wombats, a Tasmanian devil, a platypus, a sugar glider, a koala, and a crocodile. A lesson to be learned in this book is to never try to outrun a dingo.

I liked this book because I like pogo sticks, kangaroos, and magic. I also like when they chase after Wanda. I like that the Magic School Bus can transform into different things. In this book, the bus turns into a jet.

I am lucky that I am such a fun books to read.


More information, you may check from Scholastic Asia (FB) and Scholastic Asia.


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