Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon’s 1st Birthday Bash 2017

Yahoo! Happy Birthday Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

Happy Birthday to you! Yeah! Bash!


Today it’s an exciting day that mummy bring me to Sunway Lagoon ~ Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon because to attend a BIG and GRAND celebration for Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Time flies as theme park has turn 1 year old.

It is my honor to be invited to attend such an excitement and fun celebration with everyone.


Programme List

  • 9.30 am      Arrival of media and guests
  • 10.00 am   Welcome note by emcee
  • 10.05 am    Speech by Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon
  • 10.10 am    (1) Launch gambit (2) Photo opportunity
  • 10.20 am    (1) Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon’s 1st Birthday Bash Experience (2) Birthday Party at Explorer’s Campsite (3) Refreshment (4) Media Interview
  • 11.30 am      Free & Easy
  • 1.00 pm       End

I reach about 9.30 am and I register myself as Joey Chow ~ Kids Blogger. I am so proud being a kids blogger as recognize by the PR and Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd. I am given a yellow goody bag “Spongebob Square Pants” with birthday party pack, balloons and a birthday cupcake.

It’s a meaningful day that Sunway Lagoon also have 100 children and the caregivers from these homes inclusive Rumah Victory Children & Youth Home, Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Wilayah Persekutuan, Padmasambhava Chikdren Loving Association Klang Selangor and House of Love to join the meaningful celebration.

I meet the children from and homes and we play and chat together. Everyone of us are served the cold and refresh pineapple fruit punch. Perfectly match in the hot day!

Oh oh, Emcee “Cookies” ~ his nickname, he is very funny. After the dancing performance, we have Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon give a speech “It’s a meaningful day today to have these underprivileged children over during the celebrations to add some well-deserved fun and excitement in during the school holiday!”

The most exciting is the appearances by Nickelodeon character ~ SpongeBob Square Pants, Patrick Star; Dora The Explorer; Boots and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with their 8-feet high Shellraiser (The Asia’s First Shellraiser). I am so happy because I meet my favorite charter Leonardo (Blue Ninja Turtles). Unfortunately, I can not have a photo with Leonardo , hopefully I able to meet Leonardo again.


We have cake cutting session and follow by group photo.


Guess what? I introduce myself to Mr Sean Choo, “My name is Joey and I am kids blogger and I love to write”. He said GOOD JOB Joey! Keep on the passion!


I can’t wait already…….. time for me to jump to the water and play. I have seen this Slime Dunk Tank in Nickelodeon’s TV programme always and today I able to try it myself. I feel scary when I sit on it because anytime I could drop into the Slime Dunk Tank and green slime will be on my body. I enjoy myself so much!


After, I run to the Nickelodeon water park, up and down. BUT it is not tiring. The party will end with the daily “Great Slime Deluge” at 4 pm.


Don’t forget to drop by the merchandise shop and get some souvenir before you leave the theme park. HAVE FUN!


Thank you Sunway Lagoon & Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.



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