I been waiting for so long and today it’s the day and I am so happy because I am going to Nickelodeon SpongeBob Run Malaysia 2017 at Setia City Park with SpongeBob and Patrick.

I wake up about 5.30 am, I take a quick shower and light breakfast before we drive to our destination because mummy said BREAKFAST is important before the fun run. I do not want to get faint get embarrass, I want to enjoy the fun.


I reach Setia City Park at 6.30 am. Mummy register me at the counter and collect my Race Pack Collection ~ SpongeBob Bag; SpongeBob Cushion; SpongeBob Run T-Shirt; SpongeBob Bib with my name “JOEY CHOW” and my number P3252. I love the T-Shirt as it is grow in the dark.


I go to the game booths before the run start. I have a voucher which I could spin and win. Guess what I have spin? An Ice cream, I have decide to redeem it after the run, but the staff mention “first come first served”……..Oh NO! then I decide to eat my ice cream before the run and it’s only 7.30 am but mummy allow so I just enjoy it. Today is a FUN day!



The run start at 8.30 am and I run for 3 KM. SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick as the special guest to give a support to all runner!

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants

3,2,1……. Beep Beep Beep…… run run & run!

We have someone special to run with us too, there are Hitz FM DJ ~ Arnold; Jay; Rd and JinnyBoy; ReuBeng Kang. So happy to know they are here for all of us too.

I did not run but I walk for the 3 KM, it’s fun to walk with a group of adults and children.

Finally, I am walking near to the finish line! Yeah! After the 3 KM, I receive a SpongeBob metal as for our encouragement. The metal is so cute and so heavy! I love it very much.


After the run, an awesome performance by cheerleading team from Sunway University, also SpongeBob Squarepants dance by SpongeBob and Patrick, they lead all the people at the Setia City Park. I continue visit the game boots.


Last, I took some picture with the giant balloon of SpongeBob and Patrick. I wish to bring them home too.

I have a extremely fun day although I am tiring.


Thank you SpongeBob Run Malaysia; Nickelodeon; Sunway Lagoon; SpongeBob and Patrick ~ Because of you, I have a happy “Nickelodeon” day!



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