Diabolo Dance Theatre Course Begin 舞铃剧场亲授的 “律 . 动 . 舞 . 铃” 课程正式开始

I never know about Diabolo until the March 2017, I am invited to attend the Ocean Celebration by Diabolo Dance Theatre (Malaysia). After the show, I wanted so much to learn about Diabolo.


What is Diabolo?

A game in which a two-headed top is thrown up and caught with a string stretched between two sticks.


It’s a great that Diabolo Dance Theatre (Malaysia) has open a 2 new trial class for all the new learner. Mummy has register me for the trial class before she proceed to register me to the actual class, because she want to ensure I am not “3 minute HOT”

Trial Class ~ 24th March 2017 &  31st March 2017 (8.00 – 9.30 pm)

Today is the day for my first trial class for Diabolo. I reach Mega Movement at Bandar Tasik Selatan about 7.45 pm and I am the earliest to reach. Class begin at 8.00 pm sharp. There are 7 of us for the 1st trial class, 3 adults and 4 children.

First, I have some body stretching guide by the Diabolo teacher, the reason to have some gymnastic stretching is make our body soft.

Second, everyone is given a diabolo. It is very light and also two sticks with a string in between. I try to balance my diabolo, this is my first time holding the diabolo in between the string myself, but I keep dropping it on the floor. I have many tries and I did it this time! I am so happy because finally I can balance the diabolo.

Third, Once you got to balance the diabolo (the basic skill), teacher start teach us some others skill like 線調法 (Basic) ; 定點高拋 (stand at the point and throw the diabolo to the top and catch back in between the string) ; 金蟬脫殼; 金雞上架 (one of the skill) ; 對拋練習 (throw and hold the diabolo between 2 person).

The most hardest is 金雞上架, teacher hold my hand and guide me how to do it and it is not easy because I always forget the step. I try many times and I need to practice more. Practice will make more prefect. The easiest one is 定點高拋, I enjoy throwing the diabolo up and catch it back.

I am so happy that I know how to play the diabolo, I need more lesson and guidance from the teacher to make it more prefect. I have something NEW and it is very interesting about Chinese Culture.  With more practice, I will able loop, hop, flip, throw, and catch………..YEAH!


Before the trial class, I have no idea how to control the diabolo? And, how light or how heavy is the diabolo? After a 3 hours trial class at least I could handle it, and it is very light. I have no regret to attend the class. I enjoying very much! Looking forward for my next class in April 2017.


舞铃剧场亲授的 “律 . 动 . 舞 . 铃” 课程正式开始

Date: 7th April 2017 (Every Friday)

Time: 8.00 pm – 9.30 pm 

Venue: Mega Movement. Performing Art School

Contact: Diabolo Dance Theatre (Malaysia) 016-232 0360 刘嘉惠老师 or Mega Movement 018-2405072 Michelle

Thank you Diabolo Dance Theatre (Malaysia)!

Thank you Mega Movement. Performing Art School!




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