Mother’s Day Celebration at Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting 14 May 2017

“Mummy Knows A Lot But Grandma Knows Everything”

Today is a special day because I celebrate my mothers day with Grandma and I am bringing her along to Resort World Genting to have the celebration at 6000 feet above sea level! Sound interesting right?


Morning, we reached to Wisma Genting at 9.30 am but we are too early so we went for our breakfast before we proceed to Resort World Genting. 10.30 am, the van arrived and I was taken by the 2nd Van. In the Van, I meet another blogger jie jie and her name is Lee Yann, she is my working buddy today and we chat along the journey to Resort World Genting. We share our idea, oh dear I am like adult with working life today beside celebration with my dearest grandma.

We reach Awana Skyway at 11.45 am. I am so lucky able to take the “Glass Floor Cable Car”. It is amazing! When my turn to up to the cable car I am so excited but I feel little scared. The feeling its like I am going to drop! Oppssssssssssss………… After a while, I enjoying the feeling of seeing thru everything! Now I am exciting and happy! Grandma is so happy being ride on the glass floor cable car with me too. Oh, so fast! I have reached Sky Avenue Resort World Genting.

The first stop, I drop by is I LOVE YOO! (Level 4 ~ T2C-028). It is my favorite Porridge and You Tiao….. yummy yummy with hot hot porridge in a such cold weather, and also dip with the hot and crispy You Tiao. The table is full of foods which grandma, aunty, Lee Yann jie jie, Irene jie jie and myself also can not finished. We have Soya, Tau Fu Fa, and all kind of You Tiao.

After I LOVE YOO!, we proceed to our second stop ~ HOT & ROLL (Level 4 ~ T2C-05E). I have ordered Paratha Wrap with Chicken Slice and Cheese Crunchy Peanut with Chocolate Chip. Beside I have order Green Tea Latte and Hot Chocolate for grandma, she prefer hot drink. I enjoy the food so much.

My stomach is fill up with foods and it is the time for me to explore the new mall with grandma. Its such a nice place for me and her to chill up and explore ourself. There is fantastic flash mob, also the prize given ceremony by YB Senator Datin Paduka Chew to all single mothers from the Raub area.

Its High Tea time!

I have delicious and creamy ice cream at Inside Scoop. A tasty cheese tart and cheese cake from Tokyo Secret ~ Its so yummy and I am a cheese lover, fresh bake cheese tart, smell so good as well. Also, I try the Gindaco’s takoyaki, hot and yummy, the Gindaco sauce was so special and nice. It is different from others sauce as the owner is the signature sauce from shop. I am given 4 pcs small slide cake by Just Heavenly, cake is one of my favorite dessert too! Last, I went to Gong Cha, I ordered Milk Tea Bubble, because this is always my all day favorite.

I have a fruitful day with my grandma at Resort World Genting today.


I so proud that I am invited as a Resort World Genting influencers for today event.

Thank you Resort World Genting as recognize me!


Thank you Irene Jie jie for your warm welcome and the caring to me for the whole journey!


More information about the Sky Avenue, check at


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