It’s school holiday! Uncle and Aunty, what is your plan for your kids at home?

Let me suggest you a jungle out place where the kids gonna to have a wild time like me!

IMG_2463[1]      IMG_2464[1]

My mummy has plan my 1st day school holiday begin at Jungle Gym – the biggest indoor playland in Malaysia at Atria Shopping Gallery. If you have been to Jungle Gym in Bangsar Shopping Center, then you will definitely in love with Jungle Gym at Atria Shopping Gallery because it’s triple bigger than it. Besides, there have ready an area for stroller parking, lockers, a staff taking care all parents and kids shoe. The security is tight that all wristband with bar code scan.

IMG_2481[1]      IMG_2475[1]

IMG_2541[1]      IMG_2605[1]

I reach at 10 am, the friendly staff dress up as Zookeeper greet me “Good Morning, Welcome to Jungle Gym! Hi little girl, how are you?” I feel so happy for warm welcome.

Wow! The place is so huge and come with features that all kids love : Ball Pit, Slides, Crawling Tunnels, Air Guns, Climbing Structures, Trampoline, Activity Board, Water Bed, Basket and Football Court, Monkey Ball Tree and etc – come and experience yourself with all wonderful the indoor playland.

IMG_2607[1]      IMG_2606[1]

IMG_2604[1]      IMG_2603[1]

After 4 hours running, climbing and jumping. I feel so hungry, time for me to hunt some food and fill up my little hungry stomach. I do not want to waste time dining outside, because i want to spend more time playing in the playland. Mummy order 2 plates of Chicken Bolognese, 1 plate of Chicken Nugget and 1 bottle of mineral water at Jungle Gym Cafe, they serve delicious food. So I can save my time continue having fun in the Jungle Gym.


There is a little GEM hide in the corner that a super exciting orange color slide which is very slope. Hint: it’s lock and you need to request from the counter to open, mummy or daddy must sit together with the kids. I have 3 rides with mummy, we are so happy and scream for it!


Share with you a little secret that mummy is going to have my coming November birthday party at jungle gym! I am so exciting! There have 5 party area.

IMG_2466[1]      IMG_2487[1]

IMG_2497[1]    IMG_2489[1]

Here is the information about the party packages:-

It’s a minimum spend from RM1,500, (the credit can be used for entrance fees and food and beverage)

If you wish to have a theme party an additional RM 3,000 top up to the RM1,500. Mummy said if I could get a good result, she is going to have a theme party for me, I love swimming and I wish to have a Under The Sea theme party! I MUST STUDY HARD so my dream will come true!

IMG_2597[1]      IMG_2598[1]

About 5 pm, my battery is flat and I am so tired. I rest myself in the mini theater which very cozy with the screening of Lego & Friends.

IMG_2486[1]      IMG_2551[1]

I leave at 5.45 pm, The Zookeeper staff said Thank You Joey and We Hope To See You Soon!


A place which I can spend a day with mummy and friends.

Uncle & Aunty, have you block your date to bring your kids? Trust me, a good place to spend a day!

I believe all kids will love this place – Jungle Gym!


Toddler    (below 2 yrs) Jungle Gym Guardian
Weekday RM25 RM48 RM5 *
Weekend/ Public Holiday/ School Holiday RM35 RM58 RM5 *
*redeem a drink

Here is the contact detail:-

Jungle Gym

2nd Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya.


Weekday – 10 am – 9 pm; Weekend – 10 am – 10pm





  1. Great post. Can I check if there is toilet for the kids and adults in the centre itself that we don’t need to use the mall’s toilet?


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